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Eat Stop Eat Review

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August 20, 2017

If you feel like losing your battle against excess weight, dont raise the white flag just yet.

at Stop Eat might just hold the key to achieving your desire to lose weight and become healthy.

This diet program requires users to make changes in their eating habits.

This book is authored by Brad Pilon whose aim is to re-establish a new trend in the fat loss market.

His 7-year experience in the nutritional supplement industry enabled him to devise the ultimate program for those who desire quick weight loss results.

The basic premises of his diet program states that you can eat as much food as you want for a given day but then must not eat anything on the following day and so on.

As the name of the program implies, participants to Eat Stop Eat need to develop and undergo intermittent fasting habits.

It teaches users how to combat the feeling of hunger instead of merely punishing the body from its desire to eat.

Pilon claims that people are not really responding to the bodys call for hunger but most are merely satisfying a food addiction – which all takes place in the mind.

This is one of the most successful breakthrough diet programs in recent history but has also been subjected to too much criticism, hype, and verification.


1. You are less likely to crave for food once your body is adjusted to this diet system.

2. Buying less food will mean more savings.

3. Your fat burning hormones are activated. Hence, you are more likely to lose weight fast.

4. There are no special supplement requirements in this program nor does it require you to eat special food items as part of the diet.

5. You will lose actual fat, instead of mere water weights.

6. There is no need to worry about having carbs or fats in your food.

7. You can use the diet you are most comfortable with since there are no restrictions with meal plans.


1. Not suitable for undisciplined individuals who cannot fight the urge to eat.

2. Users will be subjected to a certain level of discomfort and hunger as part of the fasting method.

3. Lacks an established eating habit or routine. Therefore, nutritional requirements are not all met.

4. No clear dietary guidelines or diet plan.

5. It is a very restrictive approach to dieting and the urge to eat food following a day of fasting can very easily stun your progress.


Among the diet programs available in the market, Eat Stop Eat is one that created a clearly divided opinion between users and critics alike.

The idea of fasting surely does not appeal to some, but for others they are willing to bear the discomforts of hunger as long as results are visible.

With that being said, Eat Stop Eat is not suitable for all types of dieters. Before choosing this program, you need to assess your own eating pattern first.

After all, you could easily overeat after a day without food – which means you could gain weight more than what you have eliminated previously, thus rendering your efforts useless.