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Fat Burning Furnace Review

by , on
August 20, 2017

Most weight loss programs were developed by fitness or nutrition experts who want to share information to dieters who want to shed off those extra pounds the safe way.

Fat Burning Furnace is different as the writer does not have any professional expertise on fitness and weight loss.

The creator Rob Poulos used to be an overweight guy who struggled with weight loss himself until he found the ultimate weight loss plan.

With this program, he wants to share his own secret with anyone who is going through the same situation he had before he dropped his pounds.

There are two components in this program: workout and diet.

Workout is the main focus but what is presented in this program is quite revolutionary.

Instead of individual exercises, Rob offers compound exercises for maximum results.

You only need to perform a single set of these exercises – a practice that is supported with scientific claims indicating that such routines contribute to higher fat loss rates as compared to undergoing numerous sets.

In the diet section, he provides specific dietary guidelines and plans that would assist your fat loss efforts. He has also listed food types that must be avoided if one wishes to lose more weight.


1. The combination of workout and nutrition information makes this program suitable for long-term maintenance.

2. The program is quiet simple and anyone wishing to follow this program does not need to have fitness expertise to get started.

3. Some of the users who have tried out the program claim to have lost as much as 5 pounds in the first week and up to 15 pounds during the second week.

You can have the same results provided that you strictly follow the program.

4. For as much as $39.97, you will be provided with digital materials that contain all the information you need.

This is also very convenient since it means you can have immediate access to information instead of waiting for materials to be shipped in.


1. In his nutrition guide, Rob fails to point out the benefits of certain kind of fats and milk that actually speeds up the process of fat loss.

2. Since Rob Poulos is not an expert in this field, he could easily miss out on other health and fitness aspects that could potentially be harmful to the user.

3. Because this diet program was developed out of this own personal quest against overweight issues, there is no assurance that it can also work with anyone due to individual health and physical differences.


While there is a downside to having a non-expert formulate this diet program, it is actually a good choice for people on a weight loss campaign since the program has already proven it can deliver real results instead of being based on theories alone.

Moreover, it does not require any drastic lifestyle or dietary changes, nor does it prescribe the use of pills or supplements.

The program is worth giving a try and by following the guidelines closely could potentially be an effective weight loss solution.