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Six Healthy Weight Loss Tips

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August 20, 2017

Healthy body and nutritious eating plan requires hard work. However, in order to be slimmer and healthier you can experiment with few expert validated solutions. Change your eating habits with the following six healthy weight loss tips. Get closer to your goal of reducing pounds, absolutely with your own project.

1. Miso Soup Trick

You already know that soup you can help control your hunger and food desire. Do you want to find out which ones is the best type of soup? The ever so popular Miso originating in Japan is the best dish that allows you to get rid of extra pounds with ease. It is rich in mineral and antioxidant Algae and keeps your metabolism at the highest speed.

2. Replace Frying Pan with Grill to Cook Meat

Save hundreds of calories by replacing the pan with the grill to cook your favorite meats. Rethink your best recipes and cooking habits to accelerate the weight loss process. Plan your meals ahead of time to save yourself the guilt of fat and extra calories. Add veggies with your grilled meat to boost your metabolism with vitamins and minerals.

3. Replace Meat with Mushrooms

It is not necessary to completely eliminate meat from eating plan, but it is recommended to reduce the consumption of red meat. If you like pork, poultry or beef, try the following trick to tame your hunger for filling meals. Trick of the mind with mushrooms that are rich in nutrients. Combine mushrooms with noodles, vegetables and other ingredients to prepare the complex.

4. Use Egg Whites Only

In the past, we used whole eggs to bread our favorite meat loaf types. To save hundreds of calories, you have to do is you limit the use of egg whites. It is one of the traditional kitchen tips used by Dietitians to provide its customers with low calories and delicious meals.

5. Sweet Treats for Breakfast

According to the latest survey carried out by the diet experts, you can save a healthy breakfast cookie with a sweet treat or a delicious slice of cake from a series of serious cravings for the rest of the day. Therefore, experiment with these weight loss strategies just to see if it works for you or not. Stay updated with the latest weight loss studies to know the options of getting slim.

6. Increase Your Fruit Intake

Keep the fruit basket on the table and pile on the different types of fruit. According to experts, it is easier to eat various fruits at the same time than one fruit. Oranges, pears, apples and berries certainly feature an upper range of fat burning quality.

Lose a Stone in 2 Months

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August 20, 2017

If you want to lose a stone in 2 months, then you will have to maintain a consistent daily calorie deficit.

This means that day after day you will need to consume less calories than your body requires, so that your body eats in to your fat reserves to make up the difference.

Little by little, each and every day, your fat levels will reduce. All you have to do is maintain a calorie deficit until you reach your ideal weight.

But how do you make sure that you are in deficit?

Using the 3 methods of calorie deficit to help you lose a stone in 2 months

The most obvious way to deficit is to reduce your calorie intake to lose weight. You will literally consume less food.

It is actually quite easy. Cut out, or severely reduce, the junk food. Reduce your starchy foods, like potatoes, pizzas, breads, pastas, etc. And cut out the fizzy drinks entirely! Drinking calories like these will make achieving a calorie deficit impossible. (Zero calorie drinks are the only exception.)

Another way to deficit is to increase your NEAT, or non-exercise activity thermogenesis. What on earth is that, you ask?

It is basically a scientific geeky way of saying that if you simply get up a move around you will burn off a load of extra calories, without specifically exercising.

Think of this. How many hours each week or month do you spend on the phone? I expect for many it could mount in to the dozens. No imagine how many extra calories you could burn during these phone calls if you were standing up and moving around the room, instead of sitting on you butt?

But there are many ways to increase your NEAT. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Jump off the bus a stop earlier. Wash the car by hand, instead of taking it through the car wash. There are loads of ways.

And the final method to increase your calorie deficit, the method that will really propel your weight loss, is to include good old fashioned exercise. A good brisk hour’s walk can burn up to 400 calories, but more strenuous exercise will really clock up your deficit. And the greater your calorie deficit, the quicker the weight loss.

See how to burn 1000 calories every training session to really maximise your deficit.

If you follow these simple methods to increase your deficit then you will lose a stone in 2 months easily.

Common Weight Loss Mistakes

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August 20, 2017

It is nearly impossible to quantify which are the worst mistakes that people make while attempting to lose weight, but there are a lot and they can lead to a significant lack of progress and even weight gain in some cases. So here are some weight loss mistakes to avoid at all costs.

Having a strict diet sounds great in theory but in practice it never works out. Your body craves more food some days and craves treats on other days, so leave yourself a little wiggle room. In school a pass or fail was 50% when it comes to your diet if you are on top of it 90% of the time or more then you will pass!

Many people think that starting a diet with a cleanse will really bump up that weight loss number but in fact all you are losing is water weight, glycogen in your muscles and if you are in a harsh calorie deficit then lean body mass as well. Some cleanses can even be unhealthy for you, especially when you are eating next to nothing for up to a week and your calorie intake is below your BMR. Not to mention the water weight and glycogen will come right back once you get back to eating.

Crash dieting just sounds like a recipe for disaster. Crash diets deprive your body of nutrients and calories needed for everyday functions, most times you do not lose fat but lean body mass. Also they are so quick before your body has time to readjust to the new weight you will return to your previous weight.

Oftentimes people will skip meals when dieting thinking that this will just help them eat less calories. However by skipping that meal you slow down your metabolism and force your body to start storing fat which is the exact opposite of what you want to do when dieting.

Everyone needs at least one cheat meal per week, they help to curb cravings which will lead to gorging. However a cheat meal is meant to be just that a meal and calories should still be counted. Why put yourself in a calorie deficit of 500 calories/day only to binge on a 3000 calorie pizza in one sitting?

Say no to pasta and bread. They may taste great and taste even better when you’re cutting out sugar from your diet, but they can spike blood sugar levels worse than a chocolate bar and are carbohydrate dense, which means eating a little bread will have the calories sneak up on you very fast.

Fruit juice sounds like it would be healthy, but in actuality is just as bad as bread and pasta. Although there may be some fruit in that juice most of it is sugar, syrups and artificial sweeteners and a little glass contains a lot of calories. If you are looking for juice to drink try buying unsweetened or squeeze it yourself.

Alcohol is nothing but empty calories, a single beer is 150 calories, a single shot is 90 calories. A night out might be fun, but 12 shots later and you’ve already consumed 1080 calories and you are probably hungry for some of that greasy bar food that is even worse for you.

Sleep! People do not sleep enough as is, sleeping rejuvenates your mind and body, when dieting your body has to make the most of the nutrients and many people also suffer from lack of energy when dieting so be sure to sleep 7 – 8 hours per night and give your body a real rest.

Most people would agree that carbohydrates taste far better than protein and for that reason most people don’t get enough protein in their diets. High protein diets help fire up the metabolism and can help greatly when dieting.

Don’t treat yourself too big, just because it is a cheat meal you don’t need to get the extra large ice cream cone with everything on it, try a small ice cream cone with fruit instead. A little change like that can be a difference of 800 calories or more.

Just because something is healthy doesn’t mean you can eat as much of it as you want. Fruit is a perfect in small portions but contains a lot of sugar when consuming large quantities.

Crunches, should be forgotten and left in a fitness history book, but everyone that is starting or trying to lose weight goes for those first to try and get that flat chiseled midsection that they desire. Crunches are one of the worst exercises to burn calories and you need to do 20 crunches just to burn 1 calorie! That’s 70,000 crunches to lose 1 pound. Skip crunches.

Don’t be impatient, results take time you didn’t gain all of that weight overnight and you can’t expect it to disappear that quickly either. Before feeling defeated you need to wait a minimum of 4 weeks and even then that may only be a change on the scale visual changes can take up to 8 weeks to be noticeable.

Make fitness fun, do what you enjoy doing, don’t pick an exercise just because it burns the most calories this will make you hate exercising.

Everyone justifies their bad food choices, just don’t let those justifications become too big and too often. Soon enough you will be back into old eating and exercise habits.

Being on a diet doesn’t mean that you can’t go out, in this day and age the internet is invaluable especially for the dieter, if you know a big occasion is coming up and you want to go and enjoy yourself, look up the menu beforehand and see what is the best meal for you, then your social life won’t suffer and neither will your diet either!

Fat Burning Furnace Review

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August 20, 2017

Most weight loss programs were developed by fitness or nutrition experts who want to share information to dieters who want to shed off those extra pounds the safe way.

Fat Burning Furnace is different as the writer does not have any professional expertise on fitness and weight loss.

The creator Rob Poulos used to be an overweight guy who struggled with weight loss himself until he found the ultimate weight loss plan.

With this program, he wants to share his own secret with anyone who is going through the same situation he had before he dropped his pounds.

There are two components in this program: workout and diet.

Workout is the main focus but what is presented in this program is quite revolutionary.

Instead of individual exercises, Rob offers compound exercises for maximum results.

You only need to perform a single set of these exercises – a practice that is supported with scientific claims indicating that such routines contribute to higher fat loss rates as compared to undergoing numerous sets.

In the diet section, he provides specific dietary guidelines and plans that would assist your fat loss efforts. He has also listed food types that must be avoided if one wishes to lose more weight.


1. The combination of workout and nutrition information makes this program suitable for long-term maintenance.

2. The program is quiet simple and anyone wishing to follow this program does not need to have fitness expertise to get started.

3. Some of the users who have tried out the program claim to have lost as much as 5 pounds in the first week and up to 15 pounds during the second week.

You can have the same results provided that you strictly follow the program.

4. For as much as $39.97, you will be provided with digital materials that contain all the information you need.

This is also very convenient since it means you can have immediate access to information instead of waiting for materials to be shipped in.


1. In his nutrition guide, Rob fails to point out the benefits of certain kind of fats and milk that actually speeds up the process of fat loss.

2. Since Rob Poulos is not an expert in this field, he could easily miss out on other health and fitness aspects that could potentially be harmful to the user.

3. Because this diet program was developed out of this own personal quest against overweight issues, there is no assurance that it can also work with anyone due to individual health and physical differences.


While there is a downside to having a non-expert formulate this diet program, it is actually a good choice for people on a weight loss campaign since the program has already proven it can deliver real results instead of being based on theories alone.

Moreover, it does not require any drastic lifestyle or dietary changes, nor does it prescribe the use of pills or supplements.

The program is worth giving a try and by following the guidelines closely could potentially be an effective weight loss solution.

Fitness and Nutrition for Beginners

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August 20, 2017

Everyone starts their health journey someplace, and as embarrassing as this is, I started mine walking up and down the stairs in my house until if felt like my legs were going to fall off. It wasn’t graceful and pretty but it got me started. Fortunately for most people they have a lot more resources at their disposal, but where should you start?

Go see a medical health professional. Whether it is your family doctor you have known your whole life or doctor at the local walk-in clinic. Go and see a doctor get their opinion on what you should be doing to get healthier. I am not a medical health professional and I never will be, so I can’t tell you what you need specifically but they can!

Get some measurements taken. If possible when you are at the doctor get your bloodwork done. This is the single best health indicator that we have. Measure your height and weight and if you have the resources get an accurate body fat measurement. Then pull out that measuring tape and measure your chest, waist, hip, shoulders, thighs, calves, forearms and biceps, this will just help you know where you are gaining and losing. Also measure your ankle and wrist these measurements won’t change much but may come in useful.

Start a fitness/nutrition log and keep it simple to start you don’t need an entire journal of the day just an overview. When you wake up and when you go to bed, what you ate and when, what exercise you did and for how long, how you are feeling throughout the day, and anything else that your doctor or even you deem important.

Make breakfast your starting point for Nutrition. Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day. Drop the bagels, the toasted breakfast pastries and fruit juices. Instead have some whole wheat grains, oatmeal, eggs, fresh fruit and tea. Also don’t be afraid to eat in the morning, your body hasn’t been fed since the night before, your body needs food! A big, healthy breakfast will keep your fuller throughout the day, and give you much more energy to get your day started.

Every little bit counts when it comes to fitness. Start by making small changes, take the stairs at work, park as far away from the mall as possible, use those legs that you were given. It doesn’t seem like much but walking instead of sitting for as little as half an hour per day can burn up to 100 extra calories, that doesn’t seem like much but by doing that every day for a year that is 36500 extra calories burned which would mean a full 10 pounds of extra weight lost.

Try things out and learn. Don’t just go into the gym and use the first piece of equipment you see just because the guy with the body of a Greek god was using it. Ask the personal trainers at the facility how to use new equipment properly, start off with a small amount of weight and work your way up. Try every sport possible, just because you like to watch football doesn’t mean you will enjoy playing it and be good at it, for all you know you could have a natural talent for badminton. The key to fitness is finding something that you enjoy because it will keep you active and it won’t feel like a chore and always be learning and trying new things.

What about what you shouldn’t do.

Do not buy some random food to eat at every meal just because it’s healthy. Quinoa is a perfect example, it’s tough to pronounce, has plenty of health benefits, but have you ever tried to eat it? Not my cup of tea and I honestly don’t know a lot of people that actually like to eat it. If you get the chance sample everything first or buy the smallest possible amount and try it out.

Do not buy an unlimited yearly pass to the brand new yoga center just because you save $5 per month over the entire year. Try it out first and pay per class to begin. Maybe you like it but only once a month for a little variety, or you might love it, just remember the chance to upgrade is always there, but if you don’t use it then the money is essentially wasted.

Do not spend an arm and a leg at the local supplement store. I have seen it far too many times where a person walks into buy some protein powder and walks out with half of the store and you’ve spent so much that the sales rep can send his kids to an Ivy League College. Research, learn and try out everything! Do you really need that pre-workout drink or can you just eat a carbohydrate heavy meal an hour before hitting the gym. When starting to work out you don’t need anything at a supplement store, but once you know the products and the needs of your body better then you can go back and buy a couple products.

Diet Solution Program Review

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August 20, 2017

Isabel De Los Rios is the author of the Diet Solution Program.

After 10 years of experience as a nutrition and exercise specialist, De Los Rios managed to help her clients not only achieve their desired weight but also combat other health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions related to high levels of cholesterol.

Apart from that, she claims that she spent 15 years studying until she came up with this program.

Diet Solution Program Details

It is basically a diet manual which features a comprehensive approach towards nutrition.

It comes with meal plans that will help you achieve your ideal weight in a natural way and without the need for any potentially harmful drugs or medications. 


1. The Diet Solution program teaches users about the principles surrounding weight loss such as healthy eating and lifestyle changes.

2. It does not involve an eating regimen that deprives you of enjoying your food. Instead, the right combination of the proper types of food will help you enjoy delicious foods while you get rid of any unwanted fat.

3. Participants who have tried the Diet Solution program claim to experience increased levels of energy and vitality by following the program.

4. This program offers other health benefits such as lower sugar level, reduced cholesterol, more energy, boosts the digestive system, and improved skin tone.

5. Detailed meal plan are available for your convenience. Plus, all food components can be easily found in the grocery stores.

6. It breaks the existing myth that the only way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories or engage in a low-carb diet.

7. The program offers a 60-day money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with the program, you can get your money back.


1. While Diet Solution program claims to have the formula for losing weight, you will still need to maintain that diet plan in order to ensure that you will not gain back those lost weight.

2. Exercise is not given importance in this program.


The Diet Solution Program is one of the more popular diets online.

This program aims to educate users about weight loss through healthy eating and lifestyle changes focusing on long term results.

While some users may dislike the idea of maintaining the suggested dietary plans and lifestyle, it is much better off taking the long term vision than embracing crash diets that will only yield short term results and harm your body.

Eat Stop Eat Review

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August 20, 2017

If you feel like losing your battle against excess weight, dont raise the white flag just yet.

at Stop Eat might just hold the key to achieving your desire to lose weight and become healthy.

This diet program requires users to make changes in their eating habits.

This book is authored by Brad Pilon whose aim is to re-establish a new trend in the fat loss market.

His 7-year experience in the nutritional supplement industry enabled him to devise the ultimate program for those who desire quick weight loss results.

The basic premises of his diet program states that you can eat as much food as you want for a given day but then must not eat anything on the following day and so on.

As the name of the program implies, participants to Eat Stop Eat need to develop and undergo intermittent fasting habits.

It teaches users how to combat the feeling of hunger instead of merely punishing the body from its desire to eat.

Pilon claims that people are not really responding to the bodys call for hunger but most are merely satisfying a food addiction – which all takes place in the mind.

This is one of the most successful breakthrough diet programs in recent history but has also been subjected to too much criticism, hype, and verification.


1. You are less likely to crave for food once your body is adjusted to this diet system.

2. Buying less food will mean more savings.

3. Your fat burning hormones are activated. Hence, you are more likely to lose weight fast.

4. There are no special supplement requirements in this program nor does it require you to eat special food items as part of the diet.

5. You will lose actual fat, instead of mere water weights.

6. There is no need to worry about having carbs or fats in your food.

7. You can use the diet you are most comfortable with since there are no restrictions with meal plans.


1. Not suitable for undisciplined individuals who cannot fight the urge to eat.

2. Users will be subjected to a certain level of discomfort and hunger as part of the fasting method.

3. Lacks an established eating habit or routine. Therefore, nutritional requirements are not all met.

4. No clear dietary guidelines or diet plan.

5. It is a very restrictive approach to dieting and the urge to eat food following a day of fasting can very easily stun your progress.


Among the diet programs available in the market, Eat Stop Eat is one that created a clearly divided opinion between users and critics alike.

The idea of fasting surely does not appeal to some, but for others they are willing to bear the discomforts of hunger as long as results are visible.

With that being said, Eat Stop Eat is not suitable for all types of dieters. Before choosing this program, you need to assess your own eating pattern first.

After all, you could easily overeat after a day without food – which means you could gain weight more than what you have eliminated previously, thus rendering your efforts useless.

3 Top Tips to Help with Your Bridal Weight Loss

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August 20, 2017

There’s no doubt about it – a bride wants to look stunning on her wedding day.  For that to happen, a woman needs to be confident and proud of her body.  But what happens when a bride feels overweight and wants to do something about this?  In this case a bridal weight loss program may be the key to looking beautiful physically and psychologically for the wedding day.

So if you’re a bride to be, what should you do to lose weight for your wedding?  These bridal weight loss steps are simple.the only problem are the little distractions that may come along the way.

Three Best Bridal Weight Loss Tips

Bride Weight Loss Tip 1: Eating Healthy

Eating healthy should be an important step for your bridal weight loss program.  Firstly, you should employ a healthy diet plan that will satisfy your hunger, but be careful not to overeat.  We should know when to stop eating and only eat when we feel our tummy has been satisfied.  Understanding the difference between hunger and a food craving (like a slice of pizza or some chocolate) is important for your bridal weight loss goals.  Satisfying a craving may also prove to be unhealthy, which includes dreaded weight and fat gain.

Bride Weight Loss Tip 2: Exercising Is Key

Give daily exercise a go as part of your bridal weight loss program.  A modern gym has a line of exercise machines that can help tone your muscles and burn fat plus many gyms have aerobic classes you can participate in.  It even has gym instructors and personal trainers that will design a daily workout according to your body type and weight loss goals.  If you don’t have time for the gym, you can look at increasing your physical activities for the day. Instead of commuting to work, could you walk or cycle to work?  If the distance of your home and the office is far, park your car a quarter-mile from your office then walk the remaining distance. Another good example is taking the stairs instead of the elevator. You need the physical activities to burn fat and increase your metabolism, making your bridal weight loss faster.

Bride Weight Loss Tip 3: Stay Positive

The next wedding day diet tip involves keeping a healthy mind. How?  Be confident in yourself, in your bride to be weight loss program and believe that you can lose excess weight during the remaining months before your wedding day.

A Bridal Weight Loss Reminder

Always remind yourself about your bridal weight loss goals. Discipline and confidence are the keys to a successful weight loss plan. The wedding day makes you the heroine of the entire event, and many people will have their eyes on you. Make this a reason to make yourself look fabulous by losing weight the healthy way.  Enjoy these bridal weight loss tips and now put them into practice!