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Three Points to Weight Loss

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March 28, 2018

There has been a lot of activity on the internet with people prescribing hydrogen peroxide as a cure for all. The one minute cure is what they are calling it. They are proclaiming the use of 3% hydrogen peroxide as a safe method for a host of ailments which range from the cure of cancer to candida and even for a good colon cleanse.

I am nor going to go into the benefits of Hydrogen peroxide therapy in respect to healing certain diseases on this blog, but I am defenitely going to dispel the myths about it’s uses as a colon cleansing treatment and to expose it as a scam. I intend to save you a lot of windy feelings and nausea that you will feel if you use hydrogen peroxide internally.

The claims are that hydrogen peroxide is natures element to treat a blocked colon through the discharge of the extra oxygen molecule that differentiates hydrogen peroxide form water. Hydrogen peroxide is 2 molecules of hydrogen with 2 molecules of oxygen. Water is 2 molecules of hydrogen combined with one molecule of oxygen.

The theory is that when hydrogen peroxide mixes with the acids in the stomach, the reaction will be that the hydrogen peroxide turns to water with a one free oxygen atom. The free oxygen atom enters the intestines and liquifies the colon plaque and is also reabsorbed through the intestines into the blood stream creating additional oxygen availability which then attacks sickness and disease. This is a short version of the full claim.

Scam number 1

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The recommended dosage of hydrogen peroxide equates to 400ml of oxygen per day. As only half of the oxygen becomes available to the body due to the other half remaining as water,  this means that about 200ml of extra oxygen beomes available. The average adult person has a breathing capacity of around 500cc per breath. This means in short that the extra oxygen that is supposed to be absorbed by the body is less than a few deep breaths of fresh air.

Scam Number 2

Hydrogen peroxide is naturally found in fruit and some vegetables. When drinking the hydrogen peroxide therapy, the recommendation is that you do not eat for 1 hour before or wait for three hours after before eating. This is because the hydrogen peroxide will react with the food in your stomach  and will cause nausea and possible vomiting. Even if you do observe these rituals the hydrogen peroxide is vile and will bring on nausea and possible vomitting to many people. The mixture fills you with gas and makes you bloated, and does not produce much colon cleansing at all. It just makes you feel terrible.

If Hydrogen peroxide is Nature’s cure, then why not just use it in nature’s form and as nature intended it and eat more fruit and vegetables. The hydrogen peroxide contained in the fruit and vegetables will not make you nausea’s and will not make you sick and will cleanse your colon.

Beware of the hydrogen peroxide scam for using it as a colon cleanse or using it internally at all. It is not safe for internal use. While it does have some good medical benefits, keep it solely for external use.